Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Enginio Team - Connect Your Application in Less Than a Minute


  • Digia: Harri Eronen
  • We are searching for max 5 developers with cloud application idea(s). The developers can use JavaScript/HTML or native Qt/QML.


The team will implement cloud application(s) using Backend as a Service (BaaS) provided by Digia. Outcome can be any connected and data-driven application(s) which leverage the cloud-based backend,  for example, online games, image gallery or location based service. Target devices can be any from mobile platforms to desktop OS. Preferably the applications run in multiple devices to demonstrate cloud functionality better.

The backend service by Digia provides scalable and ready-made functionality for flexible data storage, access control, searching, data manipulation, etc.... More information about the backend service: http://engin.io

Please contact us if you like to use the backend service in Hackathon!

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