Monday, January 28, 2013

Cloud Software & FinnCloud Hackathon Practicalities

Place: Vuokatti (Katinkulta)
Time: 24.3.2013 - 26.3.2013
Hackathon Goal: A set of teams from two+ companies/research institutes to create something impressive together in 30 hours

 Sunday  20:00 Get together: Idea descriptions, team gathering, and, of course, food & snacks.
 Monday  10:00 30-hour hackathon starts...
 Tuesday 16:00 ...30-hour hackathon ends.
 Tuesday 17:00 Get a shower, please.
 Tuesday 18:00 D&D (Demos & Dinner)

Call for participants: First, we'll need "Landlords", who provide an idea, tools, platforms, and support, etc. Second, we'll need participants, who provide their ambition and happy faces. If you're employed by a Cloud Software or FinnCloud company/research institute, please, join to the hackathon! Just send an email to Marko Komssi, working for F-Secure (firstname.lastname(at)

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